Chateau Musar – Ghazir
Located in Ghazir, Kesrouan nine kilometers northwest of Jounieh, the winery of Chateau Musar is situated in a 17th-century castle. Active since 1930, it produces its wines and arak mainly for the international market. For a visit to the winery, a tour should be booked in advance and is provided free of cost. To reach the winery from Jounieh, take the coastal highway to the north and turn right to Ghazir, from where you wind your way up to the castle.

Location on the Map: Ghazir – Keserwan – Lebanon
Tel: +961 9 925 056
Facebook: Chateau Musar

Château Sainte-Andrée – Ghbeleh
Château Sainte-Andrée is a boutique family-run winery in the town of Ghbale, Keserouane. Take in the panoramic views of the surrounding mountains while enjoying fine wine from their vineyards and a meal prepared in their kitchens. They also produce organic honey from the Jabal Moussa reserves that come from the pine trees, oak trees and fir trees.

Location on the Map: Ghbeleh – Keserwan – Lebanon
Tel: +961 3 700 267
Facebook: Château Sainte-Andrée