Visit Jounieh

There are many reasons to visit Jounieh, but here’s our top 7.

  1. Swimming at the bay of Jounieh, while the ski mountains are right there!
    Yes! It is actually true.

    So, you’ve heard a lot about the famous description of Lebanon “you can swim and ski in the same day”… and we are confirming it, it is not just a random saying. Jounieh is the city where you can swim on a hot spring day and still ski in the mountain resorts of Keserwen district; 30 minutes away from Jounieh, its capital.
  2. Oh the Beaches!
    There are many beach clubs and resorts in Jounieh that mix the gorgeousness of the cerulean-colored sea with soft sand and pretty cosmopolitan people. All sorts of beach clubs, those whose parties are non-stop, and those who are family oriented….we’ve got it all: with daybeds, restaurants, spas, multiple pools, kids water parks …
  3. Jounieh hosts a breathtaking fireworks show in Lebanon
    The fireworks spectacular has become a yearly show that is becoming bigger year after year. It is broadcast LIVE from Jounieh Bay and on national TV, the celebrations are held all night long. Beware of the traffic on that specific night, because the city welcomes thousands of guests just to watch the amazing show.

  4. A huge nightlife scene
    Not only does the city really come to life in the summertime, it is an all year round vibrant party. Stroll into the old souk street, which is now known as the Jounieh Pubs Street. You can choose from a lot of pubs, the place that calls you in with its music and mood.
  5. Feel an amazing rush of adrenaline
    Jounieh is the first city in Lebanon to host the adventurous sports of Paragliding in 1990, where the highest take off point in Lebanon (750m) is in Ghosta, Keserwan; which makes it the number one site with the most beautiful scenery. You can fly over Harissa, take a sky tour of our Lady of Lebanon and land in Jounieh, at the heart of the bay. Paragliding is all year long and all day, even in winter, as long as weather permits.
  6. Fabulous choices of Hotels & Resorts in Jounieh
    Whether a three, four, or five stars hotel, whether it is a boutique hotel that inspires you, or a beach resort hotel that makes your holiday perfect… there is a wealth of choice for you to book your stay in Jounieh. You will definitely make lifelong friends with the personnel who runs the hotels or even the owners, because they will be always around.
  7. Soar to nearly 650 meters above sea level in an exhilarating nine-minute excursion
    One of Lebanon’s oldest and most visited tourist attractions, the gondolas of the Teleferique du Liban, aerial cableway trip from the bay of Jounieh to the mounatin of Harissa, where you can visit the historical monument of Our Lady of Lebanon Sanctuary, and stop for a bite at the Teleferique Food Court & Playgrounds.