Saint George Shrine – Al Batyeh, Jounieh

St Georges Shrine – Al Batyeh is located almost half way the road of ATCL, near the Jounieh harbour where the fishing boats stop at the port.

It is a religious place which is visited by thousands of people every year, both Christians and Muslims, because it is a cultural pilgrimage known for its spiritual and miraculous gifts.

Believers and visitors come to St. Georges Shrine to pray, have peaceful and quite moments, light candles to St. Georges and the Virgin Mary, and throw coins in the waters hoping their prayers and wishes come true. You can see on the rocks of the hill, a marble plaque of Saint George’s battle with the dragon.



Here, at The Batyeh, is where St. George is said to have have cleaned off his spear, 30 minutes away from Beirut where the dragon lived and was slain. That is why Saint Georges Bay in Beirut is named after this incident, and it is known that Saint George is the patron saint of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.

There is big rocky cave that overlooks the beautiful bay of Jounieh, and under it run deep waters that is believed to have “miraculous powers for ailing children.”

On St. George’s Day, which is celebrated on the 23rd of April, and all the year through, candles burn beneath the rock and hill. Long time ago, mothers used to bring their children and dip them into the cold water, and leave old clothes near the water – for the cure to work, clothes leftovers must be kept there.


RULES of the shrine written at the entrance:
1- This is a scared place
2- Proper attire is advised
3- No Pets allowed
4- No toys and games allowed
5- No Food, drinks or nargileh allowed
6- Opening hours from 7 AM till 10 PM