Jounieh will move towards a healthy future for transportation … Jounieh By Bike SOON

Bike For All, representated by Jawad Sbeiti and Wassam Shedid along with 3 founding members of Jounieh Madinaty (Roni Daou, Fadi Matar and Mélade Sfeir) visited Jounieh Municipality and explained to Mayor Joan Hobeish, how the modern “Bike Sharing System”, if applied, will move Jounieh forward to becoming an environmentally friendly, low-pollution, traffic-congested city.

Sbeiti and Shedid presented some details of the project, which “Bike for All” intends to implement in Jounieh in cooperation with Jounieh Madinaty and the Municipal Council (Jounieh By Bike) and presented maps of the proposed stations and roads in the main points of the city, near schools, hospitals and touristic sites.