Jounieh in the 1960’s

Harold Baim, film maker talks about Jounieh in his video at minute: 1.26
from the documentary “Beirut in the 1960’s – Harold Baim”

“Catch a cable car up to Harissa. and on the way up, become bedazzled by the beauties which are below. The bay of Jounieh stretches away, one of the most thrilling views in the Middle East”

No one can get over the mesmerizing beauty of old Lebanon! Lebanese parents and grandparents always tell us about the golden days of Lebanon before the civil war.

The 1960s are remarkable years! Lebanon seems to have always been a popular destination among tourists! The video shows the busy markets of Beirut, the vibrant nightlife, the delicious food, the sunny beach, and of course the snowy mountains of Lebanon!

A voice-over describes a little bit about the history of Tyre and the astonishing view of the sea coast of Jounieh which is seen and enjoyed from Harissa.

The video ends with this sentence: “300 sunny days, 300 moonlit nights, that is the legacy of Lebanon.”