Ecotourism in Jabal Moussa

Jabal Moussa, a true mosaic of nature, culture and impressive landscapes… From dramatic scenic views including the Adonis Valley, and a uniquely rich biodiversity that remains mainly unspoiled, to cultural and historical features, Jabal Moussa is drawing tourists from Lebanon and all over the world. Jabal Moussa was designated as the third biosphere reserve in Lebanon in 2009, as part of the UNESCO Network of Biosphere Reserves under the Man & Biosphere (MAB) program.

How to get there:
Jabal Moussa is located 50 Km away from Beirut, and 20 Km away from Jbeil. You can access Jabal Moussa from 4 entrances: Qehmez (Baydar el-shawk), Nahr ed Dahab (Mchati), Yahchouch (Assnawbar), and Chouwan.

To learn more about the trails and facilities, please visit their website:

To book your visit and get more info about the lunch & accommodation:
Mobile: +961 71 944 405
Tel: +961 9 643 464

Facebook: JabalMoussaReserve

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