Boat Ride on the bay of Jounieh

Experience the city of Jounieh and the bay of Jounieh from the sea perspective!

If you’ve seen the bay of Jounieh from the top mountain of Harissa and Lady of Lebanon, or have gone in the téléphérique that overlooks a panoramic view of the bay of Jounieh… now is a good time to experience the bay right from the bay!

Take a boat ride from ATCL road, there’s the Jounieh port where boats can pick you up for a smooth ride over the bay of Jounieh, from the heart of the city till Casino du Liban and Tabarja.

Port of Jounieh Harbour
It’s a fun activity that you can do, where you’ll be able to see the seaside resorts, restaurants and old stone souk. You’ll see above Jounieh the shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa, and Bkerki – the seat of the Patriarch of the Maronite Catholic Church, and all the cities surrounding: Sahel Alma, Kaslik, Ghadir, Haret Sakher, Sarba, Ghazir, Adma.

Boat Ride in Jounieh

It’s an affordable fun boat ride that will take you on a tour to one of the best bays of the Mediterranean sea. Available also are professional captains that can take you on a fishing tour. Jounieh Harbour is well known for the local fishermen who set off fishing every day and sell the fresh fish at fishery of the port (مسمكة جونية).


Boat Ride on the bay of Jounieh